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Corporate Event

Traditional ‘Classic’ Arches

Start at 14.99 per LFT one color

Add 2.00 per color per LFT

Add Details:
Balloon Twisting: $3.00+
Balloon Foils 18” $5.00+
Balloon Foils 36” $22.00+
Natural Roses $30.00+
Distortion Flowers $30.00+

Business and Corporate Events

Organic Garlands/Arches

Start at $24.99 per LFT one color
Add $2.00 per color per LFT

Add detail:
Balloon Twisting 3.00+
Balloon Sephoids 2.50+
Balloon Foils 18” $5.00+
Balloon Foils 36” 22.00+
Natural Flowers $30.00+ per dz
Foil Flowers $30.00+
Distortion Flowers $30.00+

Social Event


Start at $100 an hour

Included but not limited to advanced techniques in balloon twisting, weaving, distortion and hand painting.


Social Event

Yard Art – Party Poles

Starting at $99.00+

Social Event

Balloon Arrangements

Starting at $45 for Carmel balloon arrangement

Carmel Balloon Arrangements

Approx size 15” x 20”

Starting at $45

Social Event

Zion Balloon Arrangement

Includes one Single 34” letter and one 14” foil.

Zion Balloon Arrangement

Starting at $99.00

Social Event

Olives Balloon Arrangements

starting At $250
Includes 32” Foil, 24”happy birthday, 16” number and orbz balloon bouquet filled with helium.

Business and Corporate Events

Sinai Balloon Arrangement

Starting at $450
Two 40” numbers, happy birthday foil and 5 – 18” foil balloons along with 2 sets of helium filled balloons

Social Event

Flower Bouquets

Flowers or roses
$5.00 each
Minimum 6 flowers – $30.00
Maximum 50 flowers -$250.00

Social Event

Balloon Basket with flowers

Weaved basket or vase with 3 flowers minimum starting at $55.00

Business and Corporate Events

Traditional Columns

Starting $75 for one color $25 each additional color
36” Toppers starting at $25.00 +

Business and Corporate Events

Official GEMAR mask

$10.00 each plus shipping cost